I am debugging an IoT device that I am making. I am having it try and connect to my website (EC2 hosted) over HTTPS. The device is running into an issue negotiating the TLS handshake, and it is throwing a Handshake Failure (40). The IoT device supports the following Cipher Suites.


How can I make my server support one of these Cipher Suites? Do I need a different SSL cert? My current one is from https://www.sslforfree.com/

My website is https://sniffergps.com/ and https://app.sniffergps.com/ (Amazon API Gateway)

Termination details: For app.sniffergps.com, I am using AWS API Gateway, custom domain. I just input my certificate details.

For sniffergps.com, its Elastic beanstalk, so the certificate is on the load balancer.


SSLLabs says TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA is supported. Otherwise you can go into the ELB ad update the cipher settings to support more options.

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