We are considering transferring the following kernel bad block log to the syslog server. Could you tell me the priority of the kernel bad block? Currently the setting in /etc/syslog.conf, kernel is set to output debug messages to /var/log/messages.

Jan 17 22:13:14 xxx kernel: pid 19 (softdepflush), uid 0 inumber 24141 on /: bad block 
Jan 17 22:13:14 xxx kernel: bad block -4470673541826633732, ino 24141 


*.notice;local0.none;local1.none;local2.none;authpriv.none;kern.debug;mail.crit;news.err /var/log/messages 
local2.notice /var/log/messages 
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    Could you indicate what you have tried so far? Since you know how to get the messages into /var/log/messages, I would have thought the only missing link is setting up a remote destination, which seems to be relatively easy to find instructions for. Are you facing a specific issue on having tried a few things? – iwaseatenbyagrue Mar 5 '17 at 13:50

On my Ubuntu 16.04 system I can see the priority of all messages in the kernel ring buffer with:

dmesg -x

You should be able to use that command on the system where you saw that log message in order to learn what its priority is.

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