I plan to buy Adaptec RAID controller in my workstation.
I have 8i ports with 2xSFF8643. So I need to use 2 cables SFF8643 => 4xSATA (shown on image).
But I can see on image 1 additional connector (latest on the right).


What is it? How should be used?

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The picture isn't working at the moment, but even without it I can tell that this additional connector is a sideband connector. Basically, MiniSAS (SFF-8643) includes additional SGPIO and I2C lines, that could be connected to an enclosure and would allow controller to read enclosure status and control its indicators. If you don't have a compatible enclosure it could be just left hanging around with no collateral damage.

  • I will go to read about SGPIO and I2C ))
    – Maxim
    Mar 1, 2017 at 21:38

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