I installed Nextcloud on my Webfaction web space, and want to remove the "index.php" in the URL. I followed the instructions here, but then realized that it says:

Furthermore these instructions are only working when using Apache together with the mod_php Apache module for PHP. Other modules like php-fpm or mod_fastcgi are unsupported.

It seems my hoster is using Apache with fastcgi. However, the clean URLs do work - instead of https://example.com/index.php/apps/files/, I can go to https://example.com/apps/files/ and get the correct page. But Nextcloud just goes ahead and inserts the "index.php" when I navigate around. To be precise, a 303 redirect to the long URL is issued.

Also, this forum entry suggests that it does work with php7 and fastcgi.

How can I get it to stop inserting that? I'm fine with editing the code if neccessary, but my experience with PHP is from the time of mysql_* APIs, and before classes, so I'm having a hard time finding my way around :-) - maybe somebody here already knows a quick fix for this problem.

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