ls "d:\" "yasuo500" -recurse -directory 

This command finds the folder 'yasuo500' in d:\media\documents, I want to use 'cd' to get into that directory, but how? i tried this:

$path1 = ls "d:\" "yasuo500" -recurse -directory
cd $path1

But it does not work, it says cd : cannot find path 'c:\yasuo500' because it does not exist.

What am I doing wrong?

*Keep in mind I can just do

cd "d:\media\documents\yasuo500"

But... it's not efficient, what if the directory is LONG, i'd take me too much typing.

  • I am not really clear what you are actually asking. You have the answer you need in your question (or so it seems to me), and the examples/output you give isn't really lining up (your directory is moving from c: to d:). I may be missing something, but I am not sure what anyone can really add to help you, nor how this is a serious issue – iwaseatenbyagrue Mar 4 '17 at 12:10

You need: cd $path1.FullName

PowerShell operates on objects, and it's important to understand how these work together.

cd is an alias for Set-Location.
get-help Set-Location indicates it expects a string for the path:

Set-Location [[-Path] < string >] [-PassThru] [-UseTransaction] []

That means when you pass it an object, it will cast the object to a string.

$path1 is a DirectoryInfo, and if you call $path1.ToString() you'll get just the yasuo500 part of the path. It's the equivalent of cd yasuo500 and the error indicates you tried doing that from the root of your C:\.

Using the FullName property of your DirectoryInfo gives a full path string.

  • thanks for the answer, not only does this work, but you explained why my method did not work, thanks! – ScuddleWuddles Mar 4 '17 at 6:27

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