I have IIS installed to run a few websites for WSUS and a few other things. After a fresh install I am trying to access the IIS page.

Using http://localhost I am able to see the page. Using I cannot.

I have the firewall rule to allow port 80 through as well as checked the binding. Binding is set to:

Type              Port           IP Address
----              ----           ----------
http              80   

Even when the bindings were set to default I am unable to get to it from http://ip.address or http://hostname. Default is this.

Type              Port           IP Address
----              ----           ----------
http              80             *

Is there anything I should be able to check to access my IIS main homepage?

EDIT 1: Computer has one active network port running IP address. as a static DNS of

  • Localhost usually maps to You haven't included any information that suggests your machine has the IP address Suggest you edit your question to include the output of the command "ipconfig".
    – Tim
    Mar 6 '17 at 21:45

Found the issue to be that it was not listening for it's ipaddress to resolve the computer name or website by the ipaddress. Here is how I fixed it.

  1. Go into command prompt.
  2. Type the following commands:
add iplisten <ipaddress>

This will make the computer listen for it's own IP address and allow you to connect to it through HTTP and Computer Name for local websites.

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