We have an IoT infrastructure with devices communicating over MQTT. However, now we also have the requirement that these devices must post sensor data to a queue for cloud processing that evaluates and stores it.

As MQTT does not support a pulling model, I am currently looking at possible queueing services to use. ActiveMQ Artemis has caught my eye because of the various protocols it supports, among other things MQTT, and a REST-interface.

What I cannot clearly see in the documentation, though, is if Artemis can merely serve as a single broker for multiple message queues, or if it can actually be used to convert between them. The plan so far was to have an MQTT-client subscribed to the "processing" topic that would collect all the messages published to it and shove them into a polling queue, where workers would come to collect them. It seems that there is a possibility that Artemis could do that without additional services running, but I'm not at all sure whether I'm interpreting the documentation right.

So to ask a straightforward question: Can I rig Artemis so I can publish MQTT messages to it and then poll them from a queue, using for example the REST-interface?

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