Got a question regarding “Sending As” in Exchange 2016 and outlook 2010

Picture the scene

The company has a exchange server that hosts emails for multiple domains. In this example they are example.com and acme.com

There is a user call Paul with a single exchange mailbox and he can receive emails as paul@example.com and paul@acme.com. When he sounds out it defaults to paul@acme.com

There is a second mailbox called sales, that paul has full mailbox rights and send as rights.

When he goes to send an email from sales it goes go as sales@acme.com. However from time to time Paul wants to send emails out as sales@example.com

Can this be done?

As a temp solution I’ve created a dummy POP3 account on the PC so he can send out as sales@example.com.

Just wonder if there is a better way of doing this.


The dummy account option is what we have used for years.

The other option would be to create a shared mailbox for sales@example.com with Send As rights, then put a forwarder on that mailbox to the sales@acme.com shared mailbox. The only problem would be that Sent Items for items sent from sales@example.com would not be placed in the sent items of the sales@acme.com mailbox.

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