I am having a problem with rsyslog that is duplicating the logs. I have configured rsyslog to receive logs from remote servers - Windows(installed a service that is converting events to syslog) and Linux. For this purpose I have added the following rows in rsyslog.conf as here:


if $fromhost-ip == 'xx.xxx.xxx.xxx' then /var/log/RemoteSystems/remote1/remote1.log &~ # if $fromhost-ip == 'xx.xxx.xxx.xxy' then /var/log/RemoteSystems/remote2/remote2.log &~ # ............

I would like to receive the logs only in these files - remote1.log and remote2.log, but some logs are also duplicated in auth.log, syslog, kern.log.

The other 2 conf files under rsyslog.d are default for Ubuntu.

Thank you very much.


From the rsyslog site: http://www.rsyslog.com/doc/v8-stable/concepts/multi_ruleset.html

if $fromhost-ip == '' then { action(type="omfile" file="/var/log/remotefile02") stop }

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