Hi I am using below in code in my chef recipe and it works fine with all the other existing servers however it doesn't work well with my new server.

user_array = node
node['user']['user_array_node_attr'].split("/").each do |hash_key|
  user_array = user_array.send(:[], hash_key)

And gives error as

FATAL: NoMethodError: undefined method 'split' for nil:NilClass


node['user']['user_array_node_attr'] is not defined, but node['user'] is. Check your attribute specification to make sure this has a value. Where does this value come from?

If it comes from another recipe, you might be in a situation where your run_list assumes this has a value before the recipe that defines it runs. This scenario can happen over time as cookbooks change -- a prior version sets the attribute properly and gets replaced, so existing nodes work fine but new nodes fail.

  • I guess it's the same as what you described above. Will it help to bring the whole vendor cookbooks folder to new repository? I mean I am using berkshelf chef and vendoring all the cookbooks in vendor/cookbooks folder. – Shailesh Sutar Mar 9 '17 at 15:56
  • That won't help -- the issue is a logical one. Cookbook A a time set that value, cookbook B was written to read it. A is changed to no longer write it but the value persists on existing nodes. Everything works until a new node is added where the value isn't set. You have to review your cookbooks / roles / environments and determine what is supposed to set that attribute. – Jason Martin Mar 9 '17 at 16:02

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