I have the following setup

  • I had a usual Managed domain
  • I added Office365 users through Office365 admin console (including their emails and passwords).
  • I checked that I can configure my iOS Native mail to get emails (by using an email + password)
  • I federated domain to some home grown IdP (I didn't set up DirSync).
  • I checked that if I access Office365 (portal.office.com) then it does SSO(as expected)
  • I checked that If I configure my iOS Native mail then it still accepts email + password.

And now the twist.

After about a day, iOS Native mail stopped receiving emails. If I try to delete an account and add it back then it complains that it's unable to verify the user.

So, it looks like passwords work for 1 day and after go away.

Do you know, is this normal behavior or is this a bug? Do I need a DirSync to allow passwords continue working after federation for clients which doesn't support SSO/SAML.

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