I'm relaying emails for a bunch of domains to another server via the relay_domains configuration in main.cf:

File /etc/postfix/relaydomains:

domain1.com OK
domain2.com OK
domain3.com OK

Now I need to relay just a few addresses to another server:


All other should be forwarded as now. This means:

*@domains1.com -> server1
*@domains2.com -> server1
*@domains3.com -> server1
mail1@domain2.com -> server2 not server1
mail2@domain2.com -> server2 not server1

How can I do this? What is the proper way to do this?


You need to use postfix transport :

Set up /etc/postfix/transport as a transport map lookup table:

transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

With the following content :

 domains1.com relay:[server1.example.com]
 domains2.com relay:[server1.example.com]
 domains3.com relay:[server1.example.com]
 mail1@domain2.com relay:[server2.example.com]
 mail2@domain2.com relay:[server2.example.com]


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