i have a domain controller and i have added a ADMX file in :/Windows/PolicyDefinitions and a ADMl file in :/Windows/PolicyDefinitions/en-US and when i am opening the policy manager and editing the default domain policy these two files are not visible under the admin templates, i checked this with my friend and saw in his test machine it shows Administrative templates:Policy definitions(ADMX files) retrieved from the local computer while my test machine shows retrieved from central store, my machine is 2008 R2. please someone help me out


You can (and you should) create a Central Store to store the administrative templates, here is the documentation: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3087759/how-to-create-and-manage-the-central-store-for-group-policy-administrative-templates-in-Windows

With the central store, you can put your ADML/ADMX files in a single location and they will be available from all your computers (the files in the central store are retrieved by the Group Policy editor automatically).

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