I have an Aurora database on a VPC. Today I needed to connect to that database through Lambda. Not really an issue except I needed internet access in that Lambda and so I had to setup the following:

  1. I added a new subnet for the public NAT.
  2. I added a NAT Gateway and assigned it to a new EIP and the new subnet.
  3. I added a new route table that routed all traffic to the igw and associated that table with the new subnet I created in step 1.
  4. I modified the Main route table and routed all traffic to the NAT.

This gave me internet access in my Lambda, and by running the Lambda on the VPC, I also had access to my Aurora database.

However, I have now lost public access to this database through MySQL Workbench.

What do I need to configure to route the public traffic back to the VPC?


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The answer to your question is you must undo step 4 and use a different subnet for lambda to access the Internet.

However you should never, ever, make MySQL publically accessible. This is a massive security risk. Use an SSH tunnel or VPN to access it instead

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