Lots of examples out there to do this temporary, but can I make this secondary IP address permanent, so that it survives reboots "the fedora way", or does this really need some kind of non-standard script to make this work? While this question (*) answers this partially, there a a lot of settings in the "ifcfg" scripts these days, like UUID, AUTOCONNECT_PRIORITY and a lot of IPV_6 settings, which i do not need at this point.

So the question is really how to add a secondary ip adress properly without screwing up network settings ? I am worried that I will introduce some weird network behaviour of the machine if i just "copy" these values.

e.g. what do do with these values of the default "eth0" (copy them, change them?)


(*) Linux: how to configure a secondary IP address upon boot-up?


most of the values, like those you've mentioned, refer to the device itself. therefore, when configuring alias, they shouldn't be mentioned in the file at all.

it's a good practice to keep configuration files as minimal as possible. in your case, only DEVICE, NAME, ONBOOT and parameters referring to the IP address you want to add (such as IPADDR and NETMASK, etc.)

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