For testing our software product we need to generate raster images on a machine with a ATI or NVidia Workstation graphics adapter. Currently we keep a external desktop machine connected to the rack enclosure.

Dell, our main hardware provider, doesn't offer a rack server with the necessary graphics adapter slot (at least for what the salesperson I contacted knew).

Do you know any other brand that manufactures rack servers that fulfill our need?



I used to be a Dell Engineer, I can remember having several call outs for a Dell Precision Rack that for all purposes was a Server but they still classed it as a Workstation. These had top of the line Nvidia Cards in.

Try looking at some thing like the below option:

Precision Rack 7000 Series (7910) | Dell UK

Your sales guy does not sound very well informed.


http://www.penguincomputing.com does offer some server that could be a solution to your need.

Supermicro does also have some servers with GPUs from Nvidia / AMD

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