I'd like to map an usb drive to a path under ubuntu 16.04. The idea is to use rsync to backup some folders to this usb drive whenever I plug it. Is there any way for the system to recognize the usb drive from its manufacturer id for instance and then map it to a unchanging path?

Thank you!


There is a package called usbmount which looks awesome! https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/134797/how-to-automatically-mount-an-usb-device-on-plugin-time-on-an-already-running-sy?rq=1

Alternately, you can employ SystemD to help: Automount USB drives with systemd

Initially I would have suggested to use UUID & autofs, there have been a few answers already that might help. Udev rules would work for "when you plug it in", however, that answer is better.




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