I am trying to create an mqtt in aws iot and connect it with a web application. For this, i have logged in to AWS iot and created a thing. After creating I am getting an ARN as follows


Then I have created a certificate and policy as per the AWS documentation. Now, I go to the test module, subscribed to a topic 4/5/1 and on publishing to this channel, I am getting the message.

My question is, how can i access this from a web application ? From, settings, I can see an endpoint as follows.


Can someone help me on this ?


The authentication process with AWS-IOT makes it very complicated for apps to connect to MQTT broker. There is a aws-iot-sdk for JavaScript, but because the app cannot present the cert files, you will need aws-sdk and must use AWS Cognito. More details here: https://www.slideshare.net/AmazonWebServices/developing-connected-applications-with-aws-iot-technical-301

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