On my Ubuntu 16.04 server I had followed my provider's (Digital Ocean) suggestion to establish a new user (let's call them user1) and give them root privileges while being able to access remotely via ssh. I have a standard LAMP installation with the imagemagick library php installed.

imagemagick complained about being unable to write and I realised it was using the default apache user www-data, which had no write privileges, of which only user1 had. So I chown'd the www directory to the www-data user and www-data group. I then added user1 to the www-data group.

Thinking I would just chmod the directory and its contents to 775, I read more than one piece of advice suggesting that this is not very secure. Is there a recommended procedure for allowing user1 write access to the directory; should I give imagemagick write permission by different means, or should I be using www-var for all file writing in this directory? I primarily sftp in for development and maintenance.


It occurred to me that the only directory I need www-data to be able to write to can be isolated quite easily. So I executed chown on www and all its subdirs to user1:www-data instead, then ran chmod on the single folder and all its contents to 775. It only contains jpegs so this may be less of a vulnerability.

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    The permissions you've set up with your update are pretty standard, only allowing the httpd to write where you wish. Be sure to limit access to writing .htaccess and .htpasswd files or disable them. – Andrew Domaszek Mar 27 '17 at 21:06
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    Have you considered using ACLs for this? – Michael Hampton Mar 27 '17 at 22:55

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