Is it possible to add Azure SQL Server into a Azure Virtual Network?

Currently I see only a separate firewall for SQL server. But I want to maintain a single Network Security Group and have all my VMs,SQL Servers and AppServices in the VNET.

Just wondering if this is possible with Azure?


No, it's not currently possible to join an Azure SQL instance to a vNet. This user voice item says it's planned, but that's been in that state for some time (yes I know the title mentions VPN but it is really talking about vNet).


Yes, you can !


It is even better than the previous offer. and by the way you can use private endpoint now to provide secured access to SQL PaaS

  • Thanks for the answer. but in 2017, it was not there. So I had to go ahead with a different architecture. – Sency Nov 9 '18 at 21:19

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