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What are the correct DNS records for {any}-the-sub.example.com?
While avoiding CNAME *.example.com

For extended subdomain {any}.the-sub.example.com that would be something like:

the-sub.example.com     A
*.the-sub.example.com   CNAME   the-sub.example.com

However same doesn't apply when using hyphen {any}-the-sub.example.com. nor the *-the-sub.example.com or *the-sub.example.com wont work right?

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    nothing in the DNS spec. – Jacob Evans Mar 29 '17 at 2:04
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Wildcards in DNS only apply to whole labels (labels are the parts of domain names between dots). Nothing in general DNS does what you ask for.

It is possible that some particular DNS server software may have a functionality to auto-generate records according to the sort of rules you describe, but I'm not personally familiar with any.

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