I've created an NFS Debian server with the following line in the exports file


The directory belongs to a user and group with uid and gid that were set by me to known values.

On the client side I do (as root)

mount -t nfs pc00:/home/remote /home/NFS/

Now when I do ls -la on the directory in my PC I have the correct local user and group (which were created with the same GID and UID values as the user and group in the server)

drwxrwx---.  5 pepito      laspruebas   4096 Mar 28 11:55 NFS

However when I try to CD into the folder (as my user ariela):

[ariela@pc01 home]$ cd NFS/
bash: cd: NFS/: Permission denied

I should add that ariela belongs to group laspruebitas and If I try to cd into the folder when it is not mounted, there is no issue.

What am I doing wrong? I would like a solution that is not to set the folder permissions to 777.

EDIT: I have try entering the /home/NFS folder as root and cannot do it.


In case anyone comes across this, I've solved this problem. But you need to make sure of two things: 1) that the group (in this case laspruebas) is your primary group. This can be accomplished permanently for the console with (newgrep laspruebas) or temporarily for one comand with sg AND 2) You must make sure that the directory has the x (execution permission) for the owner, group or others to be able to CD into it.

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