I would like to send zabbix alerts in a good format instead of the default one. I haven't installed zabbix from sources so I can't modify the file src/libs/zbxemail/email.c. to change plaintext with html. Is there another way to do that please ?


There is no way, I'm afraid (or that I know of). However, you can use an external call / new media type to send mails, via PHPmailer or python or even a shell-script, using whatever message body you like - even HTML. It's not really nice, but it works. I've done it myself, but not recently, check this howto.

Main info:

Create script in /etc/zabbix/alert.d/, e.g. zabbix_html_mail.sh.

Edit the script, enter the following (or similar):

export smtpemailfrom=zabbix@example.org
export zabbixemailto="$1"
export zabbixsubject="$2"
export zabbixbody="$3"
export smtpserver=SMTP_HOST
export smtplogin=SMTP_LOGIN
export smtppass=SMTP_PASSWORD

/usr/bin/sendEmail -f $smtpemailfrom -t $zabbixemailto -u $zabbixsubject \
-m $zabbixbody -s $smtpserver:25 -xu $smtplogin -xp $smtppass -o tls=no \
-o message-content-type=html

Create new media type in zabbix, using script as type, enter path of your script, then enter your message in HTML format, using {TRIGGER.STATUS}, {TRIGGER.URL}, {TRIGGER.XXXXXXX} in your message body / subject and so on.

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