I have a need to move a number of files from a snapshot of a LUKS encrypted virtual machine (CentOS) to another one on a different hypervisor. I can mount the partition in the guestfish interactive shell and use copy-out to move the files to a local directory, but I'd like to find a way to do the move in fewer steps than:

copy-out to local > rsync to remote hypervisor > copy-in to remote VM

Has anyone done this by piping the output of copy out or something? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks, Bob


You can use tar-out to get a tar file (or virt-tar-out which is the equivalent command). This can be piped into ssh to copy it across. I guess that reduces the complexity by one step. Something like:

virt-tar-out -a disk.img / - | ssh remote "cat > /tmp/remote.tar"
  • Thanks, that looks like it might do what I need - like you say, it reduces complexity, which should mean I can get it done faster which is my main concern. – Bob Mar 31 '17 at 13:56

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