Is it possible to set a password or pincode on the connectionfile as a whole?

Obviously I have secured the file through Windows security, but additionally I would really like to prevent other people accessing my connectionfile if my main Windows domain account is compromised.

Version of mRemoteNG in use: 1.74.6023.15437

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Eventually I figured it out:

  1. Open a connection file in mRemoteNG you want to password protect;
  2. Click the Connections node;
  3. In the Config panel you will see a property "Password protected" with its default value "No";
  4. Toggle this property to "Yes" and mRemoteNG will query for a password;
  5. Choose a password;
  6. Save the connection file.

Screenshot: mRemoteNG-password-protect.png

  • Dear God, what an awful UI pattern.
    – Sergei
    Jul 27, 2020 at 14:35

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