I have a customer with a Hyper-V VM (running under a Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V Cluster) that had drives larger than 1023GB. When I went to replicate the VM to Azure using Azure Site Recovery I got an error message that said "Disk Size Unusable". I then shrank all of the disks in the VM to under 1023GB (actually 1000GB or less) expecting that I could then select the VM for Site Replication. But I still get the message "Disk Size Unusable" even after making the change two days ago. How can I get the Azure Portal to re-query the VM and see that the drives are now all under the 1023GB limitation? Any ideas would certainly be appreciated! dave


It turns out that if you go into the Azure portal and go into the "Recovery Services Vault - Site Recovery Infrastructure - Hyper-V Hosts - select host - Refresh Server" this will re-read the existing VM's and now I can replicate this VM with resized disks.

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