In short, I need to enable IPv6 on my VMSS (Azure virtual machine scale sets).

I successfully created a VMSS using Microsoft.Template, but it's only support IPv4. I used a snippet from this repo to add IPv6 capabilities https://github.com/Azure/azure-quickstart-templates/tree/master/201-load-balancer-ipv6-create

But I got stuck on this error :

{ "error": { "details": [], "code": "MissingRequiredFeatureOnSubscriptionForIpV6Configuration", "message": "Subscription '/subscriptions/----**/resourceGroups//providers/Microsoft.Network/subscriptions/' is missing required feature 'Microsoft.Network/AllowIpV6ForVmss' to specify IPv6 configuration." }

Azure error message screeshot

I don't even find the missing parameter "AllowIpV6ForVmss" on Google.

Does somebody know what to do, and how to solve this issue ?


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Looks like this is a limitation on the Azure VMSS support to IPv6, this have not been implemented yet.

Private IPv6 addresses can be deployed on individual VMs in a resource group but cannot be deployed into a resource group via Scale Sets.


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