Alright, so my high level question essentially is that the php55 tidy extension is not available via RHSCL? I've already setup a new instance of httpd24 & php55 everything on this server is functional however one of our developers requires tidy.

I am restricted to only using EPEL & RHEL repos so I will not be able to install remi or anything else. I would like to avoid compiling from source as well. I've also looked at the RHSCL rh-php56 repo and that also does not include the tidy extension?

Is tidy pre-bundled in RHSCL or php5 and I just need to enable?

Some things I have tried:

Extension tidy.so is not located in /opt/rh/php55/root/usr/lib64/php/moduleswhich confirms that the module is not available.

Installed packages

libtidy.x86_64 - 0.99.0-31.20091203.el7
libtidy-devel.x86_64 - 0.99.0-31.20091203.el7

Installed Packages

php55-php.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-bcmath.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-cli.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-common.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-gd.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-mbstring.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-mysqlnd.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-opcache.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-pdo.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-pear.noarch 1:1.9.4-10.el7
php55-php-pecl-jsonc.x86_64 1.3.5-1.el7
php55-php-process.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-xml.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-runtime.x86_64 2.0-1.el7

Available Packages

php55.x86_64 2.0-1.el7
php55-php-dba.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-devel.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-enchant.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-fpm.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-gmp.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-intl.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-ldap.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-odbc.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-pecl-jsonc-devel.x86_64 1.3.5-1.el7
php55-php-pecl-memcache.x86_64 3.0.8-3.el7
php55-php-pecl-mongo.x86_64 1.4.5-1.el7
php55-php-pgsql.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-pspell.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-recode.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-snmp.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-soap.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-php-xmlrpc.x86_64 5.5.21-5.el7
php55-scldevel.x86_64 2.0-1.el7

Performing php -m also does not reveal tidy.


First, this collection have reached its "end of life" in october 2016, according to RHSCL product life cycle, so is NOT maintained.

Second, this extension cannot be available in RHSCL, as the required library (libtidy) is not part or RHEL.

You can find additional community packages in php55more collection, but again this one is also EOL.

So I strongly recommend you update to a maintained collection, either rh-php56 or rh-php70.

Also read Additional PHP packages for RHSCL (which explain how to get tidy extension, among some others).

  • Thanks for the answer Remi. I'd love to go with a supported PHP unfortunately it's not tested and we are in the middle of a migration. My suspensions of tidy not officially being supported was correct. I'll have to add the php55more collection to get this up and running. – Mr.J Apr 14 '17 at 17:00

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