I want to deploy artifactory behind a ssl public nginx proxy.

I have read the documentation and tried many configuration.


I can't be sure for the value of <public context>.

My artifactory is accessible under http://localhost:31937/webapp/#/home


Leave it blank unless you're getting fancy

I'm working with the assumptions that:

  1. This is the only application stack installed to your server
  2. That you're referring to this line in the nginx.conf

    proxy_set_header X-Artifactory-Override-Base-Url $http_x_forwarded_proto://$host:$server_port/;

The artifactory online manual for nginx doesn't instruct you what to do with this 'public context' variable. I agree it's a little lacking. However, Artifactory's apache documentation does cover this variable. From this link: https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/RTF/Configuring+a+Reverse+Proxy

Public Context Path:

The path which will be publicly used to access Artifactory. If Artifactory is accessible on the root of the server leave this field empty.

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