I'm using pstools to shutdown local pcs .. with different user & pass

psshutdown \\  -u 1 -p 1
psshutdown \\  -u 2 -p 2 
psshutdown \\  -u 3 -p 3 

problem is : if one of them is down the batch take a lot of time to move to the next one ... How can i skip to the next command after some time .. or but it in a loop ... Any ideas ?

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    Upgrade to using Powershell, use one of the various runspace implementations that let you mutlitask and run many commands in parallel? – Zoredache Apr 17 '17 at 23:26

According to the docs, you can set a timeout for connecting to the remote machine with the -n <seconds> option:

psshutdown \\  -u 1 -p 1 -n 5

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