I have installed CloudStack Management Server followed this guide:



  • CloudStack: 4.9
  • CentOS: 6.8

Finally I start server:

# cloudstack-setup-management
Starting to configure CloudStack Management Server:
Configure Firewall ...        [OK]
Configure CloudStack Management Server ...[OK]
CloudStack Management Server setup is Done!

And accessed it from browser:

I got this error:

HTTP Status 404 - 
type Status report
description The requested resource () is not available.
Apache Tomcat/6.0.24



It looks like apache is unable to connect to Cloudstack database. Please check if mysql service is running and csm is pointing to correct database server.

you can reinitialize database:

# cloudstack-setup-databases cloud:<dbpassword>@localhost --deploy-as=root:<password> 

then start management server:

# cloudstack-setup-management
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