I've setup opendkim with my sendmail and it looks like everything works correctly, but it signs only those messages that sent locally (from webmail client or automatic subscriptions). when I try to send message using email-client (e.g. The Bat), maillog shows the following

Apr 21 11:48:02 d3355 opendkim[57808]: v3L8m2jE059174: [xx.167.249.178] [xx.167.249.178] not internal
Apr 21 11:48:02 d3355 opendkim[57808]: v3L8m2jE059174: not authenticated
Apr 21 11:48:02 d3355 opendkim[57808]: v3L8m2jE059174: no signature data

where xx.167.249.178 is my local IP address. If I add it to TrustedHosts, then opendkim starts to sign messages sent from this IP. But is't not a solution of course, I can't add IP addresses each time I send messages from new network.


It sounds like you want to trust and sign messages from possibly any address. In this case you can add ranges to the TrustedHosts file, adding will accept and sign from all IPs.

  • is it safe if I have SMTP authentication enabled? is it normal practice? anybody do this? – heximal Apr 26 '17 at 8:51
  • If you are using and requiring SMTP auth then I see no reason why using would present any kind of issue. If you are going to be sending from random networks I don't think you have much choice outside of using a VPN. – alaphoid Apr 27 '17 at 20:29

Use the SigningTable option in your opendkim.conf to select one or more signatures to apply to messages based on the address found in the From: header field rather than the ip-address of the sender.

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    yes, I'm using SigningTahle, currently it contains only one record *@mydomain.com hexselector._domainkey.mydomain.com, but opendkim doesn't takes it to account – heximal Apr 21 '17 at 11:19

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