Hoping you can help with this query. Hopefully the answer should allow me to construct better queries down the line. I am trying to filter by the root device of a particular instance and get the root devices volume id. Could you explain how I could join two such queries. Searching for DeviceName /dev/sda1 and to then get the corresponding VolumeId.

aws ec2 describe-instances --instance-id i-02bc19e18ef09cdbe --query 'Reservations[].Instances[].BlockDeviceMappings[]'

        "Ebs": {
            "AttachTime": "2017-04-20T13:32:04.000Z",
            "VolumeId": "vol-0118bd9c0a08164f2",
            "DeleteOnTermination": false,
            "Status": "attached"
        "DeviceName": "/dev/sda1"
  • Have you tried jq? – chicks Apr 25 '17 at 21:13
  • Could you please clarify your requirement, or show some sample output? Do you want the VolumeId for /dev/sda1 of multiple instances? – John Rotenstein Apr 26 '17 at 0:45
  • I would like the VolumeId for /dev/sda1, I am currently specifying a single instance I would assume however the filter/query is written could be applied to more than one instance. I have not tried jq, is this something that would be required? – the_frank Apr 26 '17 at 12:19

This question is a little old, but here's a possible solution for you. Making one assumption - namely, that the root device is /dev/sda1. Which I think is a fairly good assumption for AWS. If you don't specify an instance-id, all of the instances will be returned. Then I'm doing a search of DeviceName equal to /dev/sda1. After the search term, a list is created with DeviceName and VolumeId.

aws ec2 describe-instances --query "Reservations[].Instances[].BlockDeviceMappings[?DeviceName == '/dev/sda1'].{DeviceName: DeviceName, VolumeID: Ebs.VolumeId}
  • What if we don't want to assume /dev/sda1 and take the volume details from RootDeviceName? How will we construct the query? – Akash Kotian Feb 6 at 13:11

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