DomU created by xen-tools using the command below:

sudo xen-create-image --hostname=test --dhcp --memory=256mb --install-method=rinse --dist=centos-7 --arch=amd64 --lvm=VM --bridge=xenbr-48 --noswap --fs=ext4 --size=5Gb

Everything goes well until:

Setting up root password
Changing password for user root.
passwd: Module is unknown
Do you want to try to change the password again?? [Y/n]: 

Retries fail with the same error. I tried to set the root password in chroot but passwd root failed with the same error. I guess something is missing in /etc/rinse/centos-7.packages but I have no idea what.


The module that is missing is pam_pwquality.so, fixed by sudo yum install libpwquality

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