I am setting up a test SharePoint farm on a Windows 2008 R2 server to mimic our production environment. In setting this up, I would like redirect all emails that are emanating from this server (regardless of who it is addressed to) to a specific email account so that I can review them (and because we don't want to spam our users with test emails).

I have Googled on how to do this but I haven't found an answer. Is there a way to accomplish this? And if so, can you point me to the proper documentation?

  • Look into disabling send on the service account's mailbox in your exchange server. Look into your Exchange server for the ability to use a filter/rule. Or route the traffic through your spam filter and use a rule there to divert the messages. Finally, there should be a way to configure sharepoint to disable sending to customers, perhaps do this with all sites except a small number which send to your engineers' group. None of these are answers just where I would look. How segregated from your production environment is the test farm? If it's isolated, the mail messages won't go through. – Xalorous Apr 21 '17 at 17:02

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