I have an HP Smart Array P410 w/FBWC with 4 drives configured as RAID-5.

Originally, I had 4 x 500meg drives, with 1 Logical Drive of 1.5T configured.

I have just swapped the 4x500MB drives for 4x4T drives. I have swapped each one out in the RAID one at a time, giving the new drive time to rebuild before putting the next one in.

Now, I would like to extend my LD from 1.5T to 12T.

I believe I can issue the command:

hpacucli:  ctrl slot=4 ld 1 modify size=max

But I'm not sure if I can do that while my RAID is online, and if this can be done non-destructively.

Is there a way to extend my LD to be the full size?

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