I have two pc (A & B, Both are running ubuntu 16.04) that are connected through Local Network. PC-A has Internet connection. I want to browse internet in PC-B using ssh tunneling.

I used the command in PC-B -

ssh -D 9999 user@IP_ADDRESS

Then i set HTTP, HTTPS, FTP Proxy empty and SOCKS Proxy "localhost" and port 9999.

If PC-A has Internet connection which is not requires proxy setup , then i can browse network in PC-B using above command.

But if PC-A has Internet conenction which requires HTTP Proxy "xxx.yy.zz.zz" and port 8080 then i can't browse internet using the above command and terminal shows following error:

"channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused".

What should i do ? Any help is appreciated.


Have you considered running a proxy server, maybe squid, on PC-A? Then you can create a tunnel from PC-B on a given port to the input port on PC-A of the squid daemon.

Then you can configure squid to either use another upstream proxy (http://www.christianschenk.org/blog/using-a-parent-proxy-with-squid/) or directly connect to the internet depending on what you need.


Answer to my own question is :

If PC-A has Internet connection with proxy (proxy_ip:port) and you want to access PC-A Internet connection in PC-B through local network connection using ssh then execute this command in terminal :

ssh -L random_port:proxy_ip:port username_A@ip_Address_A

Let's take an example :

PC-A :

  • username : linus
  • IP Address :
  • Runs on proxy:
  • Runs on port: 8080

chose a random port, 7856 (Randomly)

then in PC-B

ssh -L 7856: linus@

Then change the network setting :

  • HTTP/HTTPS PROXY : localhost or
  • PORT : random_port (In this case 7856)

Now You have Internet Connection.

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