Orange is having problem delivering the internet between biggest cities (I'm traveling via train). There are white spots on the way...

They do not see the problem, so I thought - lets make a chart ping-latency vs distance (location on map)

Do you know any tool that could provide this statistics? I have a Gobi 3000 GSM/GPS modem.

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    Internet distance may not be linear or relative to your physical location.
    – Aaron
    Apr 28, 2017 at 16:22

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The quick working solution with my GOBI 3000 GSM/GPS modem

via: https://sigquit.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/enabling-gps-location-in-modemmanager/

My raw data (note that output is empty when there is no signal - that was my inital problem, since I was configuring at home :) )

Raw GPS | UTC time: '214259.0'
| Longitude: '16,92xxxx'
| Latitude: '52,45xxxx'
| Altitude: '75,300000'

I need to write a script that would both ping and store the gps position, and then process it a bit. I hope to past the solution soon.

ping google.com -c 1 >> somefile
gpspipe -w -n 10 |grep -e Longitude -e Latitude >> somefile
(then plot it)

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