I am trying to configure keepalived on RHEL's team driver.


My keepalived instance is recognizing MASTER and BACKUP but virtual ip is not created on team interface.

Below is keepalived configuration.

global_defs {
   notification_email {

   notification_email_from root@localhost.localdomain

vrrp_script check_service {
  script /usr/local/src/check_service.sh
  interval 2 # every 2 seconds
  weight 2 # add 2 points if OK

vrrp_instance SERVICE_1 {
    state MASTER
    interface team0
    virtual_router_id 50
    priority 101
    advert_int 1
    virtual_ipaddress {
        10.213.140.xx dev team0
    track_script {

Does anyone know whether team driver support virtual ip with keepalived?

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