I have a requirement to disable/enable the user access to Computer USB via GPO and they want to control it with User configuration not computer configuration.

Is this a possibility with Windows GPO? else what is the best way i can enable this?

any help.Appreciated.


  • I'm guessing that you want to restrict certain users from using usb storage devices, correct? In that case, you can use this administrative template provided by MS: support.microsoft.com/da-dk/help/555324 Once imported the setting it located here: User Configuration -> Administratice Templates -> System -> Removable Storage Access -EDIT- The above path appears to be a standard policy setting, et least when I checked on our Server 2012 R2 DC. So it's natively possible. Clients just have to be atl east Windows Vista – Mikael Dyreborg Hansen May 1 '17 at 7:01

Yes, you can. The policy to "disable USB access" is found in Group Policy Management Editor \ User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ System \ Removable Storage Access \ All Removable Storage classes: Deny All Access. Enabling this policy (linked to your desired OU) will block all removable storage devices, i.e., USB Sticks, DVD Drive's.

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