I've set up a new VM via VMWare and it runs CentOS7. Typically, when I run hostname -i, I get the IP address of the server I'm on. However, on this new VM, I get (these values are slightly altered):

hostname -i

I recognize the 192... but why is this MAC address-like value showing up? I'm trying ssh to this new machine and in troubleshooting, I ran across this and wanted to understand before I proceed.


That MAC address looking value is an IPV6 address. If you have IPV6 enabled and routable on your ESXi host/guest, then the -i option will display all routable ip addresses.

If you use --all-ip-addresses or -I, this will omit loop-back and IPV6 link-local addresses. It should just display any IPV4 addresses.


You're seeing an IPv6 address there. The value after the % is the adapter that the IP address belongs to (in this case, ens192)

Although, one does wonder why your IPv6 address has non-hex characters in it. Does the output of ip a also show that IP address?

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