I followed this guide https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-route-web-traffic-securely-without-a-vpn-using-a-socks-tunnel on how to set up a VPS connection to Windows.

And my tunnel connection is running on Windows fine, Putty connects no problem, but when I add settings to my Firefox to use proxy, etc it simply does not load any page, it just doesn't work.

I also tested with MyEntunnel, and it reports the connection to tunnel is stable and gives green light. But proxy settings do not work in any application.

My Windows firewall is disabled.

Where do I look at first, to track down the problem?

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You should tell firefox tu use a Socks Proxy, not http nor https when you are using a dynamic port-forwarding (-D) port with ssh.

Example: if you connect with ssh -D 1080 user@example.com, you will need to configure Firefox to use socks proxy on server localhost, port 1080.

Also, note that FoxyProxy is very useful Firefox extension for those who need to switch proxies often.

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