When I run the following command:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Feature -Online Windows-Identity-Foundation

on a container based on windowsservercore, I get the following error:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature : Feature name Windows-Identity-Foundation is unknown.

This command works on the same version of Windows 2016 Enterprise MSDN distribution. I'm assuming this is a feature decided to not include in WindowsServerCore. Does anyone know of a way to install it? All of the WIF 3.5 downloads either fail due to a certificate issue or says its not for this version of Windows.

Is it that they decided not to include the feature in WindowsServerCore? Looking for insight and/or solutions please. My need is to be able to use WIF on 2016 Server Core, but using Enterprise is likely to be a licensing concern (creating docker images should not require the consumer to use Enterprise Windows, right?)


Please check if that KB help, not the same symptom as you have, but the explication explain your issue;

To install Windows Foundation in Windows Core, you must apply the Minimal Server Interface. The Minimal Server Interface binaries are not present in Windows Core installation. To obtain these binaries, you must use the Features on Demand component or an alternative installation source.

You can also install (and uninstall) features remotely from Windows Server Manager on a remote installation of Windows 8 or Windows 2012. For information about how to do this, see the "More Information" section.

Reference: You can't install Windows Identity Foundation in Windows Core

How to fix reference: Configuring the Minimal Server Interface

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