I am still moving some local accounts to domain accounts and today I am having issues with Outlook 2010.

I have a local username with all the Outlook information in it. So I've exported all the information I wanted to a PST file saved in C:

Then, in the domain username I went to Outlook and tried to import from File > Import or Open and I always get this error:

Microsoft Outlook:

Access Denied to the file. You haven't enough privileges to have gain access to file C:\Emails.pst

I've searched for some solutions and I did try the following ones without any luck:

  • Uncheck Read file from File Properties (it wasn't checked at all)
  • Run Outlook 2010 as Administrator
  • Add permissions to Domain user in File Properties > Security tab

I did try with suggested contacts and some local folders. How could make this work? Any ideas are appreciated!!

Thank you!

  • File permissions and its location... Why is the file in C:\Emails.pst, not somewhere like %USERPROFILE%\Documents where it would already have inherited suitable permissions? – Esa Jokinen May 16 '17 at 21:03

Move the file to another location, such as D:\, then try again.

I ever encountered similar issues when loading file from root system drive C:\, moving it to another drive fixed the issue.


Access denied” error can happen if you have switched from logging on to your computer with a local account to a Microsoft account while the PST file was in use.

To fix it right-click the PST file,

Choose Properties >> Security >> Edit >> choose your Microsoft account, and select Full control.

And Restart Outlook. This will work.

If Unfortunately, this doesn't work I suggest Import your PST file with the help of any tool i.e. Add Outlook PST tool.

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