We have network with a split domain:

AD Domain: company.com external Website: company.com

That the website is available in the domain without the need to type www we installed IIS on the DC with a redirect. That works so far. Now we have a jira installation on our webserver under the URL:


So I created a new DNS entry to jira.company.com on the respective IP Address. No the issue is, that internal it can resolve http://jira.company.com but not http://jira.company.com:8089. From an external computer, it works with

I thought, maybe I have a wrong IP address, but when I replace I can access everything just fine with over this url:


nslookup to jira.company.com gives me the following result:

Server: unknown
Address: [IP DC]

Name: jira.company.com
Address: [ip external]

What is the reason for this? And can I fix it somehow on my network?

  • "can resolve jira.company.com but not jira.company.com:8089" - DNS is only relevant for the hostname part of the URL and regardless of the port number. Are you certain that internally nslookup jira.example.com resolves to the correct IP? – HBruijn May 22 '17 at 8:24
  • I added the nslookup result. the name and address to it is correct. – NPadrutt May 22 '17 at 8:38
  • Since it works without the port and from external, my thought was if there is something resolved differently when a port is added to the url, so that it won't leave the internal network. – NPadrutt May 22 '17 at 8:40

Just found the issue. There where an old DNS entry for the URL. nslookup resolved the correclty, but somehow my browsers seemed to have chached it (http://shouldiblamecaching.com/). When I switched to the private mode it worked.

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