I make use of the command prompt quite a bit, but I've noticed that it has really poor support for copying and pasting.

Usually I get around this by creating a batch file, then executing that. What I was wondering is , is there a free program that can execute commands and return the results to a window, I guess if the program had a name it would be something like Visual CMD?

Tired of messing around with batch files, please help


You can also redirect the output of most cmd line apps:

Using Command Redirection Operators

Dir /s >C:\AdminInfo\Dir.txt

Above will send the output of the dir command to a text file.

dir /s 2>:\AdminInfo\DirErrors.txt

Above will redirect just the errors to a text file. Link has more examples.


The default copy/paste functionality in the Windows Command Prompt can be cumbersome.

However, there is a built-in feature called QuickEdit mode. Enabling QuickEdit mode can make copying and pasting much simpler.

Basically you can paste with a right-click, and copy with a highlight followed by a right click. It's nice!

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