I got a message from a client saying that they have the error screen. There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.

I know the reason why but don't know how to resolve it, the website is https://kingsleyrecruitment.co.uk/ this is the url with the secure certificate on when i google "kingsley recruitment" in chrome and other browsers it presents this url but when i google "kingsley recruitment" in ie/edge it presents https://www.kingsleyrecruitment.co.uk/

Is there a redirect i could do to redirect users to the secure url ?


Your setup isn't well. You should have www.kingsleyrecruitment.co.uk and kingsleyrecruitment.co.uk in your certificate (both in SAN section, CN can be any of these).

A redirect to other alias is ONLY possible with a valid certificate for both domains. Of course you can always redirect port 80 to 443, but not 443 to 443 without certificate (or any other ports using certificates).


As @Rainer says, add www.kingslayrecruitment.co.uk to you cretificate in SAN (Subject Alternative Name) and use it for that vhost because now you provide somting strange - *.gear.host

% openssl s_client -connect www.kingsleyrecruitment.co.uk:443 2>/dev/null | grep subject
subject=/C=US/ST=CO/L=Englewood/O=GearHost Inc./CN=*.gear.host

If you use certbot for letsencrypt just type multiple domains separated by comas

Then visitors on www.kingsleyrecruitment.co.uk got proper certificate and can trust your redirect to kingsleyrecruitment.co.uk

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