I'm making some automated deployment software leveraging Chef and Python for my internship. Unfortunately, the environment is completely airgapped aside from me being able to initialize and RDP connection from a client machine to one of the server.

Being unfamiliar with Windows, I am wondering if it's possible to do something similar to scp within windows to RDP a file from one machine to another via powershell or equivalent. Ideally I want to execute something like cli-rdp 68.98.xx.xxx -x admin -p pass c:\file_name c:\desktop\file_name to transfer a local file to the remote machine. I'm building a winform wrapper to handle this execution and this would make it much easier if something was built in.

  • Are the endpoints VMs, and if so, which hypervisor is being used? – SturdyErde May 24 '17 at 18:07
  • Can you use SSH secure connections? If so, use FileZilla or WinSCP on the Windows box. Also I believe the PuTTY suite comes with command-line versions of secure copy. You will want to generate a key and copy it to the other server so it can be scripted. i.e., so it will not ask for a password. – SDsolar May 25 '17 at 7:47

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