I have two MariaDB servers, db1 and db2, and a HAProxy. The HAProxy should load balance between them two and take one off if slave lag is too large. The setup is mostly taken from here:


with a couple of improvements. So, an agent checks the slave lag, and the regular check should take off the nodes from the cluster (in fact, it is a two-node multi master replication).

I have HAProxy version 1.5.8 and am looking since days here:


for a possibility that HAProxy does never switch back to a failed node. So, if node A fails, all traffic should go to node B, until I manually set node A to be healty (either via socat or with HAProxy's web UI).

Is there an option I am missing, or is HAProxy simply the wrong tool for it? As a side note, load balancing is not really necessary.


I think this question has already been asked: Prevent HAProxy from toggling back from fallback to master

Two solutions are proposed :

backend bk_app
 stick-table type ip size 1 nopurge
 stick on dst
 server s1 check
 server s2 check backup

I prefer the second solution because it is not a workaround.

Please have a look to the documentation about stick-table : http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/1.7/configuration.html#4-stick-table

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