I run iptables-save and backup my iptables rules in git. I recently noticed that 2 new tables popped up, mangle and nat, and I was not able to delete those tables. (perhaps an update to iptables added this).

I would like to understand why these tables' chains have ranges and what those ranges mean. i.e :PREROUTING ACCEPT [1344:400539]. I'm not sure what 1344:400539 indicate.

When I run iptables-save, i get the following output

:PREROUTING ACCEPT [1344:400539]
:INPUT ACCEPT [1344:400539]
:OUTPUT ACCEPT [986:220524]

From https://git.netfilter.org/iptables/tree/iptables/iptables-save.c?id=d89dc47ab3875f6fe6679cebceccd2000bf81b8e#n95 you can see that those are the packet and byte-counts that have matched those chains, respectively.

printf("[%llu:%llu]\n", (unsigned long long)count.pcnt, (unsigned long long)count.bcnt);
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